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Burundi offers a wealth of unique filming locations. From the breathtaking scenery of Kibira National Park to the busy streets of Bujumbura, there are plenty of options to suit any storyline. Our production coordinator in Burundi has extensive knowledge of the country. As such, they can guide you through the process of choosing the perfect location for your project. Plus, with the help of our journalist fixer, you can set up interviews with interesting locals to add depth and authenticity to your production.

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The capital city of Burundi offers a unique blend of modern and traditional African culture. It boasts a stunning lakeside location, a tropical climate, and Rusizi National Park – an excellent location for wildlife filming. Additionally, Bujumbura has a vibrant street market culture that showcases the local handicrafts and art, making it an ideal backdrop for documentary-style filming. Our production coordinator in Burundi can help you navigate the city and make the most out of your filming experience.

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Kibira National Park

Kibira National Park is an ideal filming location for nature documentaries or adventure films. Located in the northwestern part of Burundi, it is a sprawling rainforest that is home to numerous species of primates, birds, and butterflies. It’s also home to the endangered mountain gorillas, making it an excellent spot for wildlife enthusiasts. Our journalist fixer can help you set up interviews with park rangers or conservationists who work to protect the wildlife here. You can also shoot rolling hills, waterfalls, and rivers here.

Ruvubu River

Our location scout can help you discover some hidden gems, including the beautiful Kagera Falls, which cascade down 100 meters into the Ruvubu River, and the stunning Ruvubu Gorge, which features rocky cliffs that rise to 150 meters on either side of the river. Additionally, our scout can guide you to the Bururi forest reserve, a lush and green tropical forest with a unique ecosystem, rich in biodiversity. You can meet local fishermen who can show you the local way of life.

Ruvubu River


The location scouting process here can lead you to the ancient ruins of Kigwena, an archeological site that dates back to the 16th century. Our production coordinator in Burundi can help you find the best way to capture the history and beauty of the location. Additionally, the area is known for its traditional pottery production, which can provide some fascinating visuals for your project. Let our team help you discover the region’s rich cultural heritage.

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In Gitega you can capture the essence of traditional Burundian pottery-making by filming artisans as they create beautiful pottery pieces. The hills of Kigwena provide a picturesque backdrop, with traditional homesteads. Kibira National Park provides a unique setting for filming. With our journalist fixer, you can gain access to local communities and learn about the culture of Burundi. You can capture footage of rare animals like chimpanzees and colobus monkeys in their natural habitat. You can capture the serenity of local fishermen as they cast their nets in Ruvubu River.

According to our production coordinator in Burundi, Bujumbura is the ideal location for capturing the urban side of the country. The city is known for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches. The colonial architecture provides an interesting backdrop for your film project, and you can capture the hustle and bustle of the city’s residents going about their daily lives.

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